21 Days Cleanse

Welcome to the 21 Day Cleanse that will catalyze sustainable nutritional changes for vitality and longevity


Why a 21 day cleanse?


3 weeks is a good amount of time to form new neural pathways in the brain, reset your gut and increase your immune system. Always reaching for that afternoon sweet treat? Indulging when emotions run rampant? Constantly getting sick? Our gut and brain are in a non-stop communication and greatly affect each other. 95% of our serotonin “happy hormone” supply is made in the gut as well as housing over 30 trillion bacteria for our beneficial microbiome integral for immune system. The food we choose to eat can dampen or ramp up our health by altering our mood, sleep, energy level, and physiological functioning. By following an easy whole foods diet for 3 weeks, you will clean up your intestinal tract, increase your ability to absorb nutrients, ward off viruses and bacteria better, increase your energy, and decrease inflammation and your waistline.


What will I eat?


Real. Whole. Foods. The goal here is to feed your body nutrients in their natural state. Avoiding processed, high sugary foods, you will be making meals from the PDF package with a menu, recipes, tips, and shopping list for each week. Homemade dressings will make each meal unique and delicious without having to cook elaborate meals all day every day.


What if I don’t eat animal products?


No problem! All of your meals will be vegan or vegetarian depending on your preference.


Cook?! But Postmates is my chef!


If cooking is not your jam, this is a great time to learn to acclimate yourself in the kitchen with step by step instructions and build a new habit. Remember learning how to drive? It was challenging and awkward. Now you can drive, sing to the radio, make a phone call and sip some tea while cruising down the street. Cooking will soon become an easy no brainer task just like driving. If you are going out for a meal, we will take a look at the menu ahead of time and have a plan that fits your cleanse regime.


Post Cleanse Blues?


It is the end of day 21 and you feel like a new human and want more? Excellent! Eating whole, real nutritious food, feeling good and being able to go through your day with vibrancy is addictive- thanks dopamine. The goal is to have this become a lifestyle and not a hit it and quit it endeavor. We can continue to work together and tailor meals and strategies until you are completely self sufficient and graduated from Cooking with Casey University with occasional check-ins to keep it fresh. 


How much does this cost?


The 21 Day Gut Cleanse is $149.99 which includes pre-cleanse consultation with me, PDF Guide with a menu, recipes, tips, and shopping list for the week. Email me at cmauro732@gmail.com to set up your free consultation and get started today!


I can find cleanses for free on the internet why should I pay you?


Yes, there is TONS of information and cleanses out there and many are very good. But, you are not like everyone out there and you and your gut is as unique as a snowflake. To say that there is a one size fits all cleanse is kind of… silly. We will use the basic structures and wisdom of science and yoga, but cater the experience to YOU and your SPECIFIC needs. The internet knows more about us than it should, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t know your current lifestyle, eating habits, and gut health, so let’s dig in and work together.