21 Days of

Breathe. Move. Recover. 

Breathwork. Workouts. Meal Plan.

Sounds like a life hack? What does this mean?

Yes! Welcome to 21 days of Breathe. Move. Recover. This is a learning experience and life hack guide so you can become self sufficient in nurturing yourself in ways that will increase your health, longevity and vitality. It is like going to Breathe. Move. Recover. University and majoring in Holistic Self Care with a minor in Unleasing Your Inner Superpowers. You will receive weekly Workouts, Meal Plans and Breathwork practices.


What are the Breathe. Move. Recover. workouts? 

At Breathe. Move. Recover. each workout is designed to increase muscle tone, boost immunity, increase mood and get that heart pumping! You will have an active warm up, strength set and functional set with a light stretch cool down that should take about 30 minutes. These workouts are sustainable movements that can be used in a variety of ways even once the 21 days is complete. Each week you will have a lower body focused day, an upper body and abs day, and a full body day. That is 3x per week you will be committing to your strength training regime. They can be done with minimal equipment from your home or gym. 


What is the 21 Day Meal Plan? 

With the Breathe. Move. Recover. 21 Day Meal Plan you will get weekly meal menus, complete recipes, and grocery lists. All you have to do is follow the directions... or not. Creativity encouraged! You will pick up tips, tricks and easy to make recipes from ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen. As you move through the weeks, you will notice the copious amounts of variety you can have with few ingredients for maximal nutritious benefit. These newly found and refined skills will be a lifetime of habits that will imprint upon your neurology to keep you feeling your best. Even though Postmates is great, my goal for you is to become self sufficient and take care of yourself so you can then better go out and serve the community.

 Breathwork Practices? But, I breathe every day why do I have to practice? 

Precisely. We breathe about 26,000 times per day and most of them are unconscious. Thanks to the autonomic nervous system, that is one less thing we have to think about and can do 24/7 and keeps us alive. BUT, when we get going through our busy stressed days, those automatic breaths may become short, reversed, mouth breaths, or even held. We may forget to exhale causing negative effects on our health overtime. Bringing just 10 minutes of your day to focus on this vital force of life, you can calm your nervous system, increase your breath capacity, clear your mind and dare I say it.... decrease your stress and get a restful night's sleep. No pharmaceuticals required! It is free! We will start with a 3x a week practice and you can do them as often as you would like. The organization that will be occurring in your brain wave patterns and coherence from your head to your heart will make this an addictive practice you won't want to skip! Disclaimer: The entire time you read this, you were breathing so you could take in oxygen to go to your brain so you could comprehend this long winded paragraph. See isn't breathing cool?  


 Post 21 Grad Blues?

It is the end of day 21 and you want more!? That is the point. This is not a hit and quit it and go back to to old ways. You have been there done that. Keep moving forward and evolving. The reward system in your brain is swimming in the dopamine causing this addictive feeling to increased health and vitality. Your happy gut microbiome is cranking out serotonin resulting in your smile being bigger, brighter and more often.

 Choose your own adventure of what is right for you and your current situation. You are now equipped with more than enough knowledge, experience and consciousness to become the artist. You can mix and match workouts, add a twist to your favorite meals, and do breathing practices every day at a time that works best for you!

We can continue to work together one on one and tailor daily practices and strategies until you are completely self sufficient  with occasional check-ins to keep it farmer's market fresh.  


How much does this cost and payment method?

The 21 Day Breathe. Move. Recover. Plan is $249.99 which includes pre-21 day consultation with me, support check-ins as well as post 21- wrap up chat and plan of action moving forward. Venmo (@casey-mauro), Paypal (cmauro732@gmail.com) and cold hard cash is accepted. Email me at cmauro732@gmail.com to set up your free consultation and get started today! 


I can find programs for free on the internet why should I pay you?

Yes, there is TONS of information and programs out there and many are very good. But, you are not like everyone out there. You are a uniquely crafted structured of the elements situated in the matrix of consciousness. To say that there is a one size fits all program is kind of… silly. Breathe. Move. Recover. addresses all of your shining self diving into the fine details and putting it together in a larger picture through experimentational experience. You have to dig in and get some dirt on your hands to figure out what works and doesn't work for you. We will use the basic structures and wisdom of science and yoga, but it is up to you to utilize this information and how it applies to your life. This is when keeping in contact with me becomes priceless so you are building the tools to cater the experience to YOU and your SPECIFIC life. The internet knows more about us than it should, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t know how freakin phenomenal you already are just waiting to burst out and live the life you desire. Just saying.... so let’s get this party started!