3 Day Gut Reset $49.99

Want to decrease inflammation, belly bloat, discomfort and some weight? In just 3 days your gut microbiome can have a makeover and reset your gut and digestion! A healthy gut microbiome enhances the removal of toxins, and sludge from our system improving lymphatic flow which is directly related to our immune health.

The goal here is to feed your body nutrients for healing and repair without overtaxing the system. A simple and easily digestible diet allows the body to focus as much energy to the gut as possible for efficient cleaning and repair.


21 Days of Breathe Move Recover $249.99

Welcome to 21 days of Breathe. Move. Recover. This is a learning experience and life hack guide so you can become self sufficient in nurturing yourself in ways that will increase your health, longevity and vitality. It is like going to Breathe. Move. Recover. University and majoring in Holistic Self Care with a minor in Unleashing Your Inner Superpowers.


You will receive weekly Workouts, Meal Plans and Breathwork practices.

The Neuroscience of Self Care Workshop $20

Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Burned out? Your nervous system may be short circuiting causing insomnia, digestive issues, fatigue, and illness.

With a few easy tools and education, you can reset your nervous system and reduce that stress and anxiety.

This hour long Zoom workshop will teach you what is happening inside your body along with quick and effective breathing techniques to redistribute your neural connections to enhance your self care regime.

From this workshop you will learn:

  • The neuroscience of breathing

  • Your BOLT score

  • How to create a self care ritual

  • 5 minute routine to reduce stress and increase clarity

  • A personal analysis of your breathing patterns

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