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Recover With Me 



Let food be thy medicine. Through a carefully crafted meal plan with Cooking with Casey you will enjoy prepping with intention, eating and savoring all of the flavors of health to aid in allowing the body to do its work the best. 

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) 

A stretching technique that involves dynamic movements of contracting and lengthening a muscle for increased range of motion, blood flow, and flexibility. 


An ancient alternative medicine technique, cups are placed on the body and through suction bringing circulation to the area. Cupping reduces pain, inflammation, aids in healing, creates relaxation and increases cellular repair. 

Plant Medicine Cacao

With the support of this gentle plant medicine cacao we can relax our beta brain waves and muscles in a safe environment, to allow healing and recondition our body and minds to a healthier more sustainable state. Read more about Cacao here.



70% of adults report they do not get sufficient sleep- less than 6 hours a night. We will create a healthy sleep schedule to allow our brain waves to go from a beta to alpha to theta, delta and REM state to flush out toxins and organize and integrate new neural connections. 


Recover & you will notice:


  • increase in mood 

  • faster reaction times 

  • less hunger 

  • lower blood pressure 

  • increased immunity 

  • better relationships 

  • better athletic performance 

  • decrease pain 

  • increased memory 

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