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Forest Trees

Private Sessions
Online and In-Person 

"Casey is attentive and kind. A true genuine spirit."

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"When your relationships and world around you begin to transform, you know the consistent work you are putting in is creating your upgraded, healthier life."- Casey Mauro

  • Reduce chronic stress and anxiety 

  • Establish your exercise routine

  • Find a nutrition plan that works for you 

  • Get unstuck from the habitual patterns that keep creating the same outcomes

  • Implement daily rituals to keep you consistently progressing

Breathe Move Recover will show you how to create a roadmap to establishing a new neural circuitry in
the brain to intellectualize, embody and become positive changes in your life. You will discover how to bring yourself back to balance and create a sustainable lifestyle to be your most authentic, empowered self!​ The culmination of what we do every single day that determines our overall health. That is why
BREATHING , MOVING and RECOVERING are all integral ingredients to your daily routine and rituals. 


Don’t have a routine or ritual? That is what I am here for! We will structure your days around your schedule so you will improve your health and vitality. Slight adjustments to what you are already doing or setting aside just 5-10 minutes a day makes an enormous impact. The trick is you actually have to do the work. Remember, it is the subtleties that have the most profound effects when done consistently.


Book a Free 15 minute Phone Consultation!


  • Personalized Routines and Rituals to Optimize Your Health
    1 hr
    125 US dollars
  • Open your heart and find your truth with this ancient plant medicine
    1 hr 30 min
    150 US dollars
  • Activate your heart and uncover your truth with this ancient plant med...
    3 hr
    350 US dollars
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