Private Sessions with Casey 

Online or In-Person 


"When your relationships and world around you begin to transform, you know the consistent work you are putting in is creating your upgraded, healthier life."- Casey Mauro

Based on Neuroscience and Ancient Practices, this holistic approach to your days will give you the zest for life you have been craving. 


Reduce chronic stress and anxiety 

Establish your exercise routine

Find a nutrition plan that works for you 

Get unstuck from the habitual patterns that keep creating the same outcomes

Implement daily rituals to keep you consistently progressing

 Breathe Move Recover will show you how to create a roadmap to establishing a new neural circuitry in the brain to intellectualize and embody positive changes in your life . You will discover how to bring yourself back to balance and create a sustainable lifestyle to be your most authentic, empowered self!


We have self healing abilities within us. It isn’t about that one exercise or that one food we eat that will heal us and magically transform our lives. It is the culmination of what we do every single day that determines our overall health. That is why BREATHING , MOVING and RECOVERING are all integral ingredients to your daily routine and rituals. 


Don’t have a routine or ritual? That is what I am here for! We will structure your days so even with an already packed schedule and  “no time for yourself”  you will improve your health and vitality. Slight adjustments to what you are already doing or setting aside just 5-10 minutes a day makes an enormous impact. The trick is you actually have to do the work. Remember, it is the subtleties that have the most profound effects when done consistently.


When we work one on one I value: 

  • Honoring your individuality and needs 

  • Explaining the science behind the tools you will be using so you understand why you are doing them

  • Meeting you where you are at with realistic goals

  • Teaching you breathing techniques to reset your nervous system

  • Creating meal plans for your budget and lifestyle 

  • Workouts or yoga exercises that are effective for your goals and body

  • Accountability so you stay on track and supported throughout your journey


What you must possess: 

  • Patience and humility

  • A WANT to make a change in your life 

  • The DEDICATION to stick with your routines and rituals

  • The understanding that the trendy answer in the media is NOT for everyone

Ready to make the leap? Click schedule a session below to email me. I will contact you to set up a free consultation before our first session so I can learn more about you, discuss your goals, frustrations and dreams. I look forward to working with you!