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Unleash your inner superhero and tune your personal vibrations for optimal wellness. Through daily practice, nourishing foods and relationships you can create the life of your dreams. 

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"Casey was very generous with her time, and really gives the sense of caring about improving the slight pain in my lower back. She gave me a few different suggestions to execute in order to improve my posture, and strengthen my glutes. She's great!"- Chris K.

"Casey is attentive to everyone’s needs in class while still challenging us (which is not easy to do). Her knowledge of the body combined with her creativity make her unique and set her apart as a yoga teacher. I felt strong, grounded and centered after Casey’s class." - Andrea

"Casey is  bubbly and energetic, as well as attentive and intuitive to your needs . She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and physical anatomy ! I got a great workout as well as proper guidance to further fine tune my Asanas!" - Crystal L

   My Yoga Story... The Awakening

Yoga? No thanks, I am a dancer.  I don’t need to be more flexible, and oh yeah, it is soooo boring.

Yes, you read that correctly. That was the voice of Casey just seven years ago. Running around New York City as a freelance dancer and model with a college degree in Biology and Neuroscience. I was juggling behavioral neuroscience research, rehearsals, auditions and being a young go getter in New York City packing every last second of my day with an activity until I hit my bed. Relax? Why would a girl do that when she could be making money or perfecting her craft in the dance studio? Who needs breaks and time to themselves? Slackers, that’s who!

This mentality crafted a lifestyle that lasted seven years and blindly ran me into the ground physically and mentally. I was so caught up in the hustle and bustle, I had no idea it was happening. I was always battling some injury. When the doctors said to rest, I would sit down on the subway instead of stand, but never actually took it easy on my body or modified my movement while dancing. Again, blindly taking myself to the grave.

 At one point, I came to terms with finding another type of exercise that was less stress on my QL injury and the year long recovery from a concussion. (Two separate incidents.) My roommate at the time, recommended I try yoga downtown at this place called Yoga to the People. It was donation based and everyone was welcome. To a financially struggling dancer in NYC, the words “donation based” is like saying ice cream to a child. I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. The teacher brought us through a vinyasa flow and ended with a quote as we laid on our mats like star fish. Walking back to the subway, I tried to process what I had just experienced. I wasn’t impressed and felt like it was an easy dance class with no music. Eh, not my cup of tea, but appreciated moving my body in a new way. About a week later, I had the urge to go back for some reason. Soon yoga became a weekly activity I looked forward to. I still didn’t consider it exercise because I thought it was “easy”, but there was this addictive quality about it that I couldn’t explain.

Life in New York City was stressful and constantly made me anxious to the point of exhaustion. I was depressed but plastered on a fake smile because I could never tell someone I wasn’t happy. During yoga class one night, I was fatigued and emotions were running high after a ten-hour day on a TV show set. I was tired, hungry and vulnerable. Too tired to think, my breath got heavier and took over my movement. The next thing I knew, I was crying! It scared me because I NEVER cried. I tried to hide it so no one would hear me even though the sound of everyone else’s breath probably drowned most of it out. That night made me realize, yoga is more than just the asanas. Whatever its magical power was that night, it found…me. Unapologetic, no mask, and no fabrication. Okay yoga, we can be friends now.

Jump forward to August 2014. I decided I had enough of NYC and its workaholic madness. I packed my bags and moved across the country to LA to get out of the busy and find out the rest of who Casey was. I now still work in the entertainment industry and when I have some time, I go surfing which is my meditation. I teach yoga, dance and tutor academically to all ages and levels. I am also kids yoga certified and teach weekly. As a teacher of sixteen years, I want to also spread and share yoga therapy to others. I am currently contimuing my education At Loyola Marymount Yoga Therapy RX program.  There are endless possibilities of self healing and prevention before having doctors hand out prescription medicines that are so very popular in our money driven culture. The health system is shifting and becoming more open to Eastern medicine and yoga. I am an active participant in this movement and am here to spread the wealth to you all!