"When I started working with Casey, I had dislocated my right shoulder twice. The second time I was looking for more options than just physical therapy exercises. That’s where Casey came in. She gave me multiple options including stretches, food planning to lessen inflammation, cupping, and exercises I hadn’t been introduced to before. She is not only very thoughtful and skilled in what she does, she is kind. She knows the human body but also takes time to get to know the human within the body. I trusted her with my shoulder injury and she guided me with confidence. I know both my body and my headspace are in a better place due to working with Casey. She is truly a gem. I highly recommend letting her guide you to a healthier lifestyle in any capacity!"- Victoria 

"Casey Mauro has been my Yoga Therapy Teacher for 6 sessions now. I have noticed improvement in so many areas of my overall health that doctors or pills could not address. Casey is a great listener and Teacher and I can't imagine going back to my old misconceptions . she has changed my attitude and I wish I could get some of my friends and family to give yoga with Casey a try. Between my Anxiety and physical pain and me being a mouth breather from clogged sinuses and my PTSD in a nutshell I wasn't thinking right , breathing right and therefore was starting to lose hope that I could feel better. If you give her a try with just one session you will see."- Samuel.J

"I suffer from intense shoulder/neck and hip pain, and all I can say is, "Casey is a goddess!" The way she performs cupping is so powerful; she knows exactly where to place the cups so that they provide instant relief. Not only that, but within a day, I felt like a new person! She is also an incredible stretcher; she worked my muscles in a way that helped the stagnation that had been forming in my body, and she taught me how to properly stretch to alleviate much of the pain I was feeling. I get chronic migraines, and after a few sessions with Casey, I was feeling looser, re-invigorated, and pain-free! I would DEFINITELY recommend her! PS. She's also an amazing nutritionist!" -Dara


"Hi Casey - OMG - we were blown away!!!!!!!

 Thank you so much for presenting to our Dance Friends Zoom group.  I don't think I've ever seen so many stressed out Studio Owners actually breathing!   I know, for me, it had a great impact.  Thank you for making me aware of something so important, yet doable." -The Perna Dance Center

"Casey was very generous with her time, and really gives the sense of caring about improving the slight pain in my lower back. She gave me a few different suggestions to execute in order to improve my posture, and strengthen my glutes. She's great!"- Yoga Therapy Client

"You've been incredibly helpful. My parents even noticed a huge difference in my body today and I've been feeling good!" -Nutrition Client

"That smoothie is a game changer- As I was having it I wasn't sure if I'd be totally full but I actually feel amazing and really energetic.-" Vegan Nutrition Client  

"Casey is attentive to everyone’s needs in class while still challenging us (which is not easy to do). Her knowledge of the body combined with her creativity make her unique and set her apart as a yoga teacher. I felt strong, grounded and centered after Casey’s class." - Yoga Student

"Casey is  bubbly and energetic, as well as attentive and intuitive to your needs . She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and physical anatomy ! I got a great workout as well as proper guidance to further fine tune my Asanas!" - Yoga Client 

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Unleash your inner superhero and tune your personal vibrations for optimal wellness. Through daily practice, nourishing foods and relationships you can create the life of your dreams. 

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