Breathe. Move. Recover. 

-Create Routines and Rituals to Optimize Your Health and Vitality-



"I have noticed improvement in so many areas of my overall health that doctors or pills could not address. Casey is a great listener and Teacher and I can't imagine going back to my old misconceptions."- Ryan 


"Hi Casey - OMG - we were blown away!!!!!!! I don't think I've ever seen so many stressed out Studio Owners actually breathing!   I know, for me, it had a great impact.  Thank you for making me aware of something so important, yet doable."- Hedi  

The Neuroscience of Self Care

About Casey 

 Dancer on land and fish by sea, Casey is a blend of intellect and embodiment. She holds a degree in Biology/Neuroscience, Yoga Therapy YTRx-500 and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Casey worked as a neuroscience research assistant at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine NYC, while pursuing a career as a professional dancer, model and actor. She moved to Los Angeles where she continued her performance career and finding more balance and quality of life back from NYC burnout and lack of self care.

Years of physical injuries, concussions, anxiety, and taking life too seriously has led her to create a program to self healing and daily routines and rituals to balance the nervous system with a toolbox of both Western and Eastern Medicine modalities. 

Casey has combined her love for movement, breathwork, neurophysiology, nutrition and yoga into a private practice as a holistic health program to guide others to improve their health to increase vitality and finally let their inner superhero come out and play. 


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