Routines and Rituals to Optimize Your Health and Vitality

Breathe. Move. Recover.

Reduce Stress
Low Back Pain

95% of your day is automatically programmed to be the same as yesterday.  

You "wake up", and all the emotions and thoughts from yesterday are back. Your energy is low which means there is no room for creativity and learning
something new. You grab your phone, head to the bathroom look in the mirror as the same person as yesterday. In the kitchen, you find a sugary food for a quick power boost that will crash soon after. Now you sit at a desk and your lower back and neck start to hurt further distracting you from your day.

Stop the cycle and upgrade your life. Let's make a change!

Casey’s mission is to educate and guide others by creating daily routines and rituals for optimal health and vitality.



"I have noticed improvement in so many areas of my overall health that doctors or pills could not address. Casey is a great listener and Teacher and I can't imagine going back to my old misconceptions.

Between my Anxiety and physical pain and me being a mouth breather from clogged sinuses and my PTSD in a nutshell I wasn't thinking right , breathing right and therefore was starting to lose hope that I could feel better. If you give her a try with just one session you will see."


“Wanted to tell you that I did it!!!! My bloating definitely got wayyy better; I lost 5 pounds in the 3 days and felt really full every day. Thanks so much for the info!”


"I suffer from intense shoulder/neck and hip pain, and all I can say is, "Casey is a goddess!" She is also an incredible stretcher; she worked my muscles in a way that helped the stagnation that had been forming in my body, and she taught me how to properly stretch to alleviate much of the pain I was feeling. I get chronic migraines, and after a few sessions with Casey, I was feeling looser, re-invigorated, and pain-free!

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