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Meet Casey MAURO 


"Casey really takes the time to understand your own body and what will work for you."

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Hi, my name is Casey!

"I have always been a curious human being and excited about what each new day holds in this adventure of life. I grew up at the beach, had the horse of a little girl's dream, and had a strong belief that I could do anything and be successful. Bright eyed and optimistic!"


I have had a career as a professional dancer, model and actor while deepening my intellect through academia, which allowed me to live in NYC, LA, Bali and travel around the world in a non-stop picture perfect glamorous life. Years of living on a high and ignoring the need to slow down I was running on burnout and lack of self care yet wouldn't admit it. 

BA Biology/Neuroscience Degree Marymount Manhattan College
Mt Sinai School of Medicine Behavioral Neuroscience Researcher 
Yoga and the Healing Sciences 200hr Loyola Marymount University 
Yoga Therapy YTRx-500 Loyola Marymount University 

Decoy on Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator 
Ayurveda Belly Mind Institute 
Pre and Postnatal Yoga
Kids Yoga Certified Zooga Yoga 
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
FitTour Myofascial Release Certified  
Living Fit Kettlebell Certified 
Cacao Plant Medicine Facilitator Bali Indonesia
Birth Doula Dona International
Assistant Director of Yoga and the Healing Sciences 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Loyola Marymount University 


"When your relationships and world around you begin to transform, you know the consistent work you are putting in is creating your upgraded, healthier life."
- Casey Mauro


Underneath all the noise and glamor I dealt with physical injuries, concussions, anxiety, gut issues, autoimmune issues and taking my perfectionist habits and life way too seriously. The louder my body and mental health screamed the faster I would go until my first concussion stopped me in my tracks and a Neurologist told me to "just stop dancing" and prescribed me pills. Having studied neuroscience I knew there were other holistic ways to heal my brain and keep dancing. 

I am the author of an International Best Seller
"The Women Who Gathered" A  book on sister circle, ritual, ceremonial cacao, and finding the medicine within. 100% of proceeds go to Bali Street Mums. 
Here I am today continually adding to my toolbox of modalities for self healing and optimal health and performance while spending as much time outdoors as each day unfolds. ​

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