Breathe. Move. Recover.

Prana = life force. The vibrations between the atoms of ourselves, the environment and quantum field. Pranayama is the practice of consciously connecting to our breath to increase our prana. By connecting to your breath you can optimize your experience of being.  A breath centered practice

builds your immune system

lowers stress and anxiety

improves mood and clarity

reduces chronic pain

builds your cardiovascular system

increase your athletic performance

By learning different breathing techniques you will be able to tap into your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems to reach the subconscious hardwired portions of the brain.


Reprogramming the unconscious mind to implement new habits, release old beliefs, and create the life of your dreams.


Want to have a daily meditation practice that can transform your entire day? Start with the breath and watch your life spiral to new heights! Click here for a 5 minute stress reducing breathing practice.


Breathe With Me

Let's get moving and grooving! Moving your physical body (asana) not only makes you look and feel like a shining star, but has positive effects on all of the other systems of the body. Our lymphathic system is the highway of detox and immune functioning. It does not have its own muscular pumps, so it relies on the contractions of your skeletal muscles. This is why exercise is so vital for our health. 

As a certified personal trainer, yoga therapist, and life time professional dancer, I have been studying bodies and movement for decades. There is no one size fits all and every body has its own unique way of moving and that is why each movement based regime is specifically designed for you.

Strength Training

Yoga Asana

Moving Meditation

Stretch Training

 Dealing with low back pain? Creeky knees? A pesky shoulder injury from your teen years?

Finding imbalances, daily movement patterns and old injuries that are hardwired into our neuro-muscular system, are usually the keys to breaking old patterns and becoming stronger and more mobile through a personalized training program.


Choose from 1-1 sessions where we meet in person or via zoom or 3 week and 6 week programs emailed to your inbox weekly to do on your own! 

Move with me

Recover with Me 

After all the breathing, and moving comes the real magic. Recovery. When we are sweating and working out we are actually adding stress to the system and breaking down tissues in the body (catabolism).  The tissues break down and then new tissue cells come lay down and hence muscle growth (anabolism).


In order to grow and build from the breakdown, we must replenish, nourish and sleep. Our nervous systems must be switched on to the parasympathetic state- rest, digest and repair, and nutrients and vitamins must be readily available to supply the energy and proper tools to do the replenishment. Without this, most of your hard work will go down the drain.

Recovery comes in many forms.



Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation



Nutrition: Let food be thy medicine. Through a carefully crafted meal plan with Cooking with Casey you will enjoy prepping with intention, eating and savoring all of the flavors of health through an Ayurvedic lens of whole real foods, herbs and spices. Proteolytic enzymes, probiotics and vitamins may be necessary to aid in allowing the body to do its work the best. Simple ingredients, easy dressings to prep for the entire week, and economically practical for the wallet. Head over to my instagram @casey_mauro to see samples of some of these meals! 

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. A stretching technique that involves dynamic movements of contracting and lengthening a muscle for increased range of motion, blood flow, and flexibility. This can be part of a cool down after a workout or a recovery session on its own. Keeping circulation throughout the body ensures oxygen and nutrients can get to each area to ensure active daily healing. Cupping is also used in conjunction with this technique for the ultimate feel good flow. 

Cupping. An ancient alternative medicine technique where cups are placed on the body and through suction bringing circulation to the area. Cupping reduces pain, inflammation, aids in healing, creates relaxation and increases cellular repair. Clients have found exponential relief with cupping in conjunction with a breathing protocol and slow controlled movements as we work through old trauma that has resided in the body.  

Sleep. 70% of adults report they do not get sufficient sleep- less than 6 hours a night. 1/3 of our lives are spent sleeping, so let's make it worth while! We will create a healthy sleep schedule to allow our brain waves to go from a beta to alpha to theta, delta and REM state to flush out toxins and organize and integrate new neural connections. With healthy sleep habits you will notice

increase in mood

faster reaction times

less hunger

lower blood pressure

increased immunity

better relationships

better athletic performance

decrease pain

 increased memory

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