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cacao therapy

Open your heart and explore your inner empowerment, wisdom and radiance with Sacred Ceremonial Cacao.​​


"The emotions I felt were overwhelming - a mixture of gratitude, serenity, and wonder. The experience helped me to release stale emotions and set new intentions for my life."

Cacao is a gentle plant medicine that allows us to bring to light our deep unconscious patterns, beliefs, and subtle (or not so subtle) addictions. In the form of a warm drink, Casey holds your hand in guiding you to release old and stuck emotions, build confidence in making those life changes that are necessary for our health and growth, find forgiveness for ourselves and others.


Casey combines this ancient medicine thanks to the Aztecs and Mayans with contemporary neuroscience improving brain waves and body chemistry. Through a deeply relaxing meditation while enjoying a cup of cacao, and light breathwork you will notice part of the inner YOUniverse that are often forgotten. You may notice feelings of love, euphoria, deep gratitude and clarity immediately after or in the days following, and deeper connection to your true nature. 

"Casey's Cacao ceremonies are raw and authentic"


“I could write a symphony with how amazing I feel this morning. A night of vivid dreams, places I went to and people that came to me. I can’t remember but I know something Amazing took place behind the scenes. I am so grateful for you and all you share”

With cacao therapy you can:

Increase blood flow and compassion to the heart

Reduce blood pressure 

Support Mental Health and combat addiction, anxiety, and depression

Activate your Endocannabinoid System to relax and reduce pain

Elicit alpha and theta brain waves for creativity and clarity

Connect to nature

Group ceremonies 

Gathering as a community has its benefits too. Build social connections as you deepen your own sense of self with the support of a group. Sitting in circle with others is invaluable in exploring our own sense of inner guidance and bonding with those around you. 

Get together with

Friends & Family

Romantic Partner


Special Occasions such as bachelorette party, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower

"I feel like a whole new person!"

“I just wanted to reach out and say I’ m starting to find a huge alcove for meditation and I can hear your voice/words and wisdom every single time about envisioning younger me and what I see for myself. You are incredibly inspirational and clearly make a huge impact on people! <3”

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