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Yoga therapy

Private Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing approach based on the therapeutic principles of yoga. Our sessions are meant to restore physical, psychological and spiritual health utilizing postures/exercises, breathwork, meditation and lifestyle. 

"I suffer from intense shoulder/neck and hip pain, and all I can say is, "Casey is a goddess!"

Combining yoga therapy with the western knowledge of neuroscience and biochemistry to restore optimal health and vitality, Casey's unique and comprehensive knowledge and approach is like no other. 

Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, disease, stress from daily life, struggles with mental health, an aspiring athlete, or just looking to be a more happy human, yoga therapy is for you.

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"Between my Anxiety and physical pain and me being a mouth breather from clogged sinuses and PTSD, in a nutshell I wasn't thinking right, breathing right and therefore was starting to lose hope that I could feel better. If you give her a try with just one session you will see."

What's included

Assessments of:

  • Overall Lifestyle

  • Movement patterns

  • Breathing

  • Chronic conditions

  • Lab test results

  • Nutrition


  • Functional and corrective breathwork to calm the nervous system 

  • Yoga asana for a balanced strength and flexibility using dynamic and static postures 

  • Meditation techniques to improve brain tissue and neural connections for long lasting healing and improvement in your mental, physical and spiritual health

  • Journaling practices and daily rituals that will take no more than 20 minutes per day to ensure continual progress 

"Casey Mauro has been my Yoga Therapy Teacher for 6 sessions now. I have noticed improvement in so many areas of my overall health that doctors or pills could not address."

"Casey is a great listener and teacher and I can't imagine going back to my old misconceptions. She has changed my attitude and I wish I could get some of my friends and family to give yoga with Casey a try."

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