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My First Cacao Ceremony Journey

"Once I saw I could not unsee. Once I felt, I could not unfeel. Once I became, I knew I must continue."- Casey

Raw chocolate? I am in! I had no idea what I was jumping into but Cacao has changed my world. I first experienced cacao in a private setting in Bali with a medicine woman. I was looking for a breathwork session and this opportunity jumped in my lap like a puppy wanting to be adopted. My scientific masculine mind was skeptical, yet I was incredibly curious about this mystical “cacao ceremony” with this mystical pixie woman.

The week leading up to my first session, my mind was set in a place of exploration and emotional healing. It was also my first week in Bali so I was feeling quite adventurous. The day of my session arrived had arrived and I I was on an empty stomach (3 hrs no food) and well hydrated. I rode my scooter through the rice fields to a lovely villa welcomed by the medicine woman and her family. And the journey began…

In an all white room with some elegant feathers, earth toned colors and an alter greeted me like a loving home. I plopped down on the ground in front of the medicine woman. A candle was lit, intentions made. She smudged me with sage to purify the space, myself and the cacao. 27g of ceremonial grade cacao from Northwest Bali was ceremonially mixed with love, hot water, some chili powder (for faster activation and absorption) and sea salt. I have a relatively clean system, and on no medications. I used to drink alcohol occasionally and ingested mushrooms once in my life 3 years ago. I don’t even consume caffeine. Needless to say, my system is quite sensitive and receptive. She recited an opening prayer, poured me cacao in a ceramic mug and held it up to the sky. As I began to sip and meet Cacao, I could sense her wisdom. I swirled my body around to some music to release any tension in my physical body then laid down on my back. My breath and body took over from there.

I began to experience a pulsing of my heart and warmth throughout my body as the shamanic drumming and healing touch of the medicine woman electrified my soul. I saw my deepest dreams in live time and a feeling of love and comfort like never before. I felt tensions and past situations bounce around my body in places I had dealt with physical injury. My knee. My hip. My wrist. All the pain, lodged itself as a lump in my throat. It went from a tickle to a mucus ball and in one big cough I released it all.

Euphoria engulfed my entire being. A rebirth. My spine felt like it restructured into a Fibonacci spiral. Coiling inward and outward, microworld and macro world become one in the same. My perspective has broadened and I felt at home within my body for the first time in this lifetime.

Years of wondering what I was doing on this Earth had become clear. Tears of sadness flooded my tear ducts that my old life was no longer conducive for me. Tears of joy streamed my face from the release of shackles I had placed around my heart for so long. Freedom. The release was orgasmic. I received the warmest bear hug of nourishment I had ever known. Yes. This was what complete feels like. I was whole. I was happy. I was home.

The post ceremony integration and research is when I could formulate some coherence of my experience and how to utilize it to spiral upward. My confidence that I can evolve into this woman I saw during my journey is tangible. The Spirit of Cacao was speaking to me from the depths of my inner galaxy by helping me unlock my own potential and capabilities. She is gentle and nurturing while holding my hand to see the truth.

From the chemical perspective, Cacao’s blissful abilities can be attributed to anandamide- our natural THC. The heart pumping boost and creativity was the theobromine kicking in. Theobromine is a cardiovascular stimulant that unlike caffeine, gives us the body high clarity and focus without crossing the blood brain barrier. The love for myself I felt was phenethylamine hugging the receptors on my cells acting as a natural amphetamine inducing more serotonin and dopamine to be released.

I am grateful for Cacao finding me and continue to sit with her regularly. Cacao has granted me permission to carry her and gift others through cacao ceremonies to guide them back home to their hearts and true nature.

How to Connect with Cacao

Cacao has also been a seamless addition with my clients as part of Breathe. Move. Recover. to enhance and individualize each session. I have served cacao in Bali and the United States at birthday parties, for families and private sessions.

If you are searching to find your purpose, truly love yourself and others, balance your nervous system or other health related discomforts and finally come back home, cacao may be the hand holding support you are looking for.

I have Sacred Cacao straight from a farm harvested by a family in Northwest Bali and want to share with the United States. I hold weekly Cacao Ceremonies at the Jersey Shore in NJ for private groups and communities, and do private session online and in- person as well.

If you would like to schedule a session or join the weekly community click here to sign up.

Want a ceremony with your close family/friends or community? Contact me at to set up your private group ceremony. It is just like a sleepover with your friends when you were young!

Please reach out with any questions or comments you may have about Cacao. I look forward to connecting with you here and in the quantum field.



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