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Head and Heart Coherence Benefits

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

“Listen to your heart, when he’s calling for you, listen to your heart, there is nothing else you can do.” Roxette. Screaming the endless remixes to this song at the top of my adolescent lungs had more of an impactful message than I or any of the other young, club-goers knew. I thought it meant it was time to get on a table and bust a move. Anyone else? No? Okay. Onward.

Where do you turn when you need to make a decision? Your brain. Logically speaking, this is where decisions are made. Input from past experiences coupled with your homeostatic baseline and the current situation are all contributors.

Do you ever find yourself making decisions that lead to disappointment or result in the same outcome you said you were going to change? Then, the frustration and anger continue to run the rest of your day and soon enough this becomes your outward personality and personal reality. It is a vicious cycle. What if I told you, the end to this uncomfortable loop resides in your rib cage? Yes, Roxette was right. Listen to your heart.

The Heart Holds the Power

Our heart is said to have its own “brain” and nervous system- the intrinsic nervous system. You can produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine from this heart brain. Our e-motions are a form of Energy that are put into MOTION causing a physiological change ie blood pressure, heart rate, hormone release, immune system function. We can think ourselves positive all we want, but our underlying biology really knows what’s up. We will continue to act accordingly to the deeper knowing coming from the signals in the heart.

Your heart ultimately has the intuitive technology to guide you to make decisions and walk on this Earth in a way that is truly authentic and appropriate for you, Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. We have been brought up in a society favoring the brain to call the shots from internal and external stimuli but that is only a portion of the conversation and to be frank, less accurate.

There are more neural signals sent from your heart to your brain (afferent) than your brain to your body (efferent).

The heart communicates with the brain in four ways:

1. Neurological communication (nervous system)

2. Biochemical communication (hormones)

3. Biophysical communication (pulse waves)

4. Energetic communication (electromagnetic field)

If the heart is able to communicate in four different languages to the brain and we are angry, frustrated, in denial or fearful, messy incoherent signals will be sent to the brain. This mayhem and wasted energy will affect the firing of the frontal lobe. This is why we feel heavy, depressed and drained after a long day of feeling and thinking about something negative. Conversely, when we are truly grateful, joyous and kind, we lose track of time, feel light as a feather, have more energy and think clearly.

The Symphony of the Systems

The heart and brain have an intricate dance and can create a harmonic symphony when the systems are working together. This is head heart coherence.

Coherence is like an orchestra. There are multiple instruments following the conductor’s guidance. Each instrument has its own set of notes and has a unique sound to play to contribute to the whole. Together they harmonize to enhance the overall sound. For example, the heart can send calming and safe neural signals through the vagus nerve to the medulla then to the amygdala, hypothalamus and thalamus and lastly to our cerebral cortex. If one of these areas is off or not coherent, the message will sound like my 4th grade band concert. “SQUEAKKKK”.- Shoutout to all the parents who sat there with fake smiles glued to their faces. The irritation in the brain and body is very similar- incoherent.

The standing ovation moments are when all the players are in coherence. Clear as day what song is playing. We too can get an internal standing ovation for ourselves through head heart coherence. You are functioning on all cylinders dancing through your day:

1. Fulfilling tasks efficiently and stress free

2. Improving your athletic performance

3. Bursting creativity

4. Loving your relationships with grace and ease

5. Sending out an electromagnetic field affecting others in a positive light


How to Increase Head Heart Coherence

You can take action right now to start organizing your systems and become more coherent. Place your hands over your heart and focus your attention on your breath as if it was coming from the heart radiating out to the rest of your body. I like to add a color for a nice visual component. Close your eyes and practice for 5 minutes. Notice how you feel after and continue through your day.

My current favorite way to increase head heart coherence is sitting with Cacao. Cacao is a plant medicine that enhances the same languages that the heart and brain use to communicate. Cacao’s most notable attribute is to open the heart from the physical to energetic level. She increases your coherence while nourishing you with antioxidants, feel good molecules to boost your mood and appreciation for yourself. Try sipping cacao while meditating, dancing or journaling in nature and explore the depths of your heart for your personal symphony of coherence.

If you would like to buy high quality fair trade ceremonial grade cacao, I recommend Love Cacao. Use code CASEY for a $2 discount by clicking here:

If you would like to schedule a session or join the weekly community to open your heart and increase your coherence click here to sign up.

Want a ceremony with your close family/friends or community to create social coherence? This is next level. Contact me at to set up your private group ceremony.

Please reach out with any questions or comments you may have. I look forward to connecting with you here and in the quantum field.



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